Coffee, Minor, Kissing

Ah.... a day off.... how splendid! I'm sitting at our kitchen table with my roomie, Dana. We're the early birds of our room and we both love coffee! SO, each week I'll have Wednesdays and Thursdays off from my internship because of classes I have later in the afternoon. Technically the day isn't "off" but when I don't have to get up at 7:00, it feels pretty relieving.

My family had a little scare the other dad had minor heart attack. He's had a major heart attack before and was actually in Peru when it happened. The doctors put in a stent after that but this time it just got clogged again. He was rushed to surgery and they put in another and now he's fine. I got to talk to him that night and really did sound good. It was just scary, esp. since I was at my internship all day and didn't check my phone for a while, so when I did I had missed calls and texts from my family saying "Minor Emergency." (haha...when I was telling my dad this on the phone he feigned indignation and was like, "MINOR!? Which one of you said Minor?!") I knew then he really was fine. Just pray for him though, he's going through some other medical stuff too.


Last night was my first acting class! I had to prepare a two minute dialogue from any movie and then deliver it in front of my class and a camera, which we then re-watched later on. I completely bombed my lines, which I really did have memorized, but my nerves got the best of me... I hate nerves. I hate being nervous. What's the point, it just makes you and everyone watching you feel awkward. It's going to be an intense class. They're not just showing up tricks of the trade but how to actually BE a character and in order to do that you have to know who YOU are. There's going to be a lot of self discovery, but I'm excited about it. I think it's going to be therapeutic and very very interesting.
p.s.- Maggie, Bethany, and myself are the only girls out of our class of like 20. That's fine except for the fact that on our application for the class we had to say whether or not we would be comfortable with romantic scenes (aka kissing), Maggie and I answered it thinking like of in the long if we made it as real we said yes. After last night though we found out that there may actually be some...ahem...."close scenes" with people from our class AND that Bethany said "no" on her application meaning Maggie and I are apparently going to have to make out with the ENTIRE CLASS!!! oh dear... I'm not looking for THAT much self-discovery!


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