Autumn-esque, Gnawing, Ponies

Hello Everyone and Happy Halloween Week!

I've always really loved Halloween for some reason! Maybe it's simply because it's just another excuse to wear a costume! I feel like it has taken a while but Fall has finally started to mingle it's way out here to L.A. It's actually about 84 out today but tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60's, so it's gradually cooling down, the trees that aren't palms are beginning to loose some leaves, and now thanks to my parent's care package I have three mini pumpkins, more candy corn, and mulling spices! I'm feeling a bit more Autumn-esque! Which is why my friend Tera and I are hosting a Fall Fun Fest at my apartment on Friday! We're going to have chili, apple cider, pumpkin muffins, and pumpkin carving! I'm really excited! We're going to need that time to wind down before thing get really crazy over the weekend! That's when filming for CANDY starts! I can't believe it's already time to start filming! I remember thinking, man that's not till the end of the semester! and now it's here!
I've got this week to get ALL the costumes, props, and sets completely mashed out and locked down. oh my... I'm feeling pretty good about the costumes. I've still got some stuff to find and make but right now my main concern is dressing some of the sets to make them look really good and believable for our horror fairy tale!
Speaking of horror. I was in another zombie film yesterday. It's so weird to me that I keep getting sucked into helping make horror films when I absolutely can't stand to watch them! I will admit, though, they're pretty fun to make! So, anyways, I was a zombie and REALLY got into it. Perhaps a bit too much, I was gnawing on my friend Kelsey's ankle for a good few minutes at one point while everyone was just sort of "fake" chewing/hovering over her... nope ... not me ... gnawing!'s going to be pretty funny though!
Good news! I believe I mentioned before how my brother and sister in law are coming out to visit... my sister and brother in law are coming too!!!! YAY! I'm so HAPPY! I've just got to figure out what all I'm going to take them to and entertain them with! BUT I'm so excited to see them! Especially since it's the week before Thanksgiving and I won't get to be home with them, but I MIGHT be in Vegas! Wouldn't that make for an interesting Thanksgiving!
Before I go, here's a couple pictures my dad sent me of my home in Sparta and our new ponies we just got!


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