Bleepin, Pedro, Healthy

It was 6 bleepin 30 in the morning *ahem*...andrea...that my brother and sister in law are for sure coming to visit me in November!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!! I've been missing everyone so much and now I get to see two of them!!!! I was just telling my Dad today how wonderful November is going to be! The "Ellen" show, Imogen Heap, John and Andrea, possibly Vegas, Thanksgiving, Rooney....etc....I'm excited!

Last night was great! I made "No-Peak Chicken" for my roomies and some friends last night. We actually sat at the table and ate a was a first since we've been here! Then I served brownies for dessert! MMM!! Then I'm just hanging out in my room later around 11:30 and Maggie calls saying to get my bootie on down to the ArchLight cause she has an extra ticket for the midnight showing of "Where the Wild Things Are". It wasn't just any showing either! It was some production people exclusive showing so they were passing out paper crowns and had a raffle in the theatre before the movie started.....which.....I happened to win something!!! I got a DVD collection set of Spike Jonze short films and music videos and such. (He's the guy that directed WTWTA). So! I was very pleased! SO! I watch the movie which was GREAT and I find out later, from my friends that forgot to tell me at the time, that the person sitting in front of me (who I accidentally stuck my feet right in his face at one point...oops) was PEDRO from Napoleon Dynamite! So random! Too bad I didn't grab a pic....
So instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour and catching up on sleep like my mother instructed me to, I went to a midnight show and didn't get back till 3 a.m.... I'm literally running on fumes...and coffee......and chocolate.... i'm so healthy.


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