Morning, Break, Chili

*SIGH*.....Good Morning!

Today is starting off nice and slow...and I love it! I went and got a bowl of cereal, came back to my warm bed, ate, and played this new silly game I got hooked on, on facebook. The day has been fabulous so far.
I have Theology in Hollywood at 10, an internship meeting at 12, then mpp class at 4 and that should do it as far as school goes today!
This weekend is our little mini fall break from internships. So I don't have to go anywhere on Friday and Monday!! YAY! It's going to be so great to just have a long weekend. I still have a lot I'll need to get done such as film my new short, but that should be fairly entertaining to do.
My friend, Joe, and I always somehow manage to start talking about holidays and home, which is sort of a dumb idea because then we both get really homesick :( BUT one of my other friends, Tera, and I decided we're going to have a Fall night! Complete with a pot of chili, pumpkin carving, and apple cider! It couldn't be more perfect! I'm already really excited! Well I better go get ready for class....see ya!


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