Dyed, Scones, Weirdo

I dyed my hair! I like it being darker....makes me feel more...mysterious... haha

I also made some scones! Which I'm eating for breakfast right now before I head out for my internship. Gotta start the day of right!

Pre-production for my next short is going well. It is now officially called Pretty Solider Sailor Sun. (It's supposed to be a pun on a real anime cartoon). One of my friends, Kelsey, is the producer for me, which is AMAZING. She is casting real actors for me and will help me find locations and such. It's a great help! It was funny, yesterday it was REALLY slow at work so I started to do some homework and I began to sketch out little anime girls (a prop for my movie) and I kept on looking over my shoulder afraid that someone would catch me drawing little Japanese looking people and think i'm a weirdo! ....hahaha I'm just like my character!

I went and saw Zombieland the other night.... oh dear....let's just say I'm not a horror movie person. I KNOW it was a comdey....but still... it got pretty intense in places! I say everyone that I watched Zombieland with has to go see Toy Story 1 and 2 in 3D with me! :)


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