Do you ever have those days where you're looking forward to something that evening so much that the rest of the day, which was actually fine and normal, seemed awful and long? Well I do... and I did.... today.

After my internship ended at 6:00, Michael (my fellow intern) and I started our 45 minute drive back home due to intense Friday evening traffic....ugggg. After sitting inside all day all I wanted to do was move around and feel the breeze but all I got was stalled car exhaust and angry people honking their horns.
Once I FINALLY got home... Maggie and I grabbed our belongings and then booked it on over to Kelsey's for GIRL'S NIGHT!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!! We had been talking about it all week and I've been so pumped to just sit with girls and do girly things! For instance: we made a delicious tortellini chicken creamy pesto dinner with salad and garlic bread (mmm!) THEN as we digested we went to the hot tub to relax and unwind (totally did the trick!) NEXT we went back to the apartment for Chocolate Covered Strawberries for dessert! (perfection!) And while we munched on those we also play....PRETTY PRETTY PRINCESS!!! MY FAVORITE!!!! except I didn't win. :( but I will next time! Just you wait Princess of the Sea! THEN we had just your general and fabulous girl talk time which then transitioned into....drumroll please....."The Hannah Montana Movie!" SO CHEESY, but that's what girl nights are for! Am I right!? And finally we ended the evening with me dying Maggie's hair. (which looks fabulous!)
Basically, girl's nights are wonderful and I encourage everyone to try it out. Feel free to use some of our activities for your own evening but also be creative and create your own! For example, all our guy friends were jealous of our girl night, so they decided to have one of their own! It's still technically considered a "Girl Night" but they might have exchanged Hannah Montana and discussing feelings for Texas Hold' Em and potato chips. Make it your own!


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