Okay, that last one didn't really count as a real blog...like I said, I had one too many candy corns.

SO! What have I been up to these past couple days...what HAVE I been up to?? Everything is starting to blur together, no, not like I'm about to pass out, but speed wise. The weeks are flying by! Today Danielle and I were in the pool (I know...I know... :) ) and she said she couldn't believe we only have 10 weeks left! WHA!?! I was stunned. I literally feel like I just got here! There's so much to be done between now and then! YIKES! One day at a time....I shall be of the present!

TODAY...I went to theology in hollywood at 10 o'clock! Then booked it to the pool where I jotted down my next pitch idea that I'm giving today in less than an hour....yup. I like my idea. (The anime girl one?) It cracks me up, I just hope people know I'm kidding about it...
I'm also meeting someone to talk about the possibility of me doing some design work for their short film. Not a class project short film...but a legit he has a budget 45 minute or so short film. In the words of Tony Hale.... "we'll see."


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